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Become a Member!

iota's Membership Program consists of a tiered set of membership options tailored to the needs of our current community. Please read below for more information on the different levels, and how to join!

Basic Member | $35 (General) | $15 (Student)

iotaCenter has a history of providing our community with many services free of charge - the iotaWeekly, clips and Q&As on our YouTube Channel, the iotaSalons, and our website resources (Articles, Artist Profiles, and more). We sincerely hope our community enjoys these services, but they do require financial support to maintain them. By offering your support at the basic level - our most economically priced level - you are helping us maintain our current programs, paying for costs like overhead and staffing, storage of films, website hosting, and more. Basic Members receive the services we have always provided, and can also participate in members-only events, auctions and raffles.

Artist Member | $50 (General) | $25 (Student)

Artist Members get all the benefits of Basic Members, plus:

... Artist members are invited to semi-annual iota artist socials
... Artist members have the option to create a self-controlled page on the iota website, where they can display their bios, links to their websites, as well as video and artwork online.

Academic Member | $75 (General) | $35 (Student)

Includes all the benefits of Basic Members, plus:

... Academic members will receive a DVD screener including videos of three rare works, as well as a Resource Guide with bibliographies, links and other information to teach the film in a course

Institutional Member | $1000

Includes all the benefits of Academic memberships, plus:

... Prominent recognition on the iotaCenter website
... A complete set of the Kinetica Video Library DVD titles (Robert Darroll, Stephanie Maxwell, and Jules Engel - a $300 value!) to make available in your institution's library or resource center
... A 50% discount on rentals of iota's films at Canyon Cinema, which includes seven films by Jules Engel and six films by Adam Beckett.
... Institutional Members will an educational resource guide with bibliographies, links and other information, to aid professors or others in teaching the film as part of a course (or to aid students studying the films).
... Institutional members will have special privileges in regards to hosting iotaCenter staff members to give special presentations or make guest lecture appearances at your company, school, library, or organization. Local (Los Angeles-based) institutional members will receive these appearances without having to pay an honorarium or fee. Those located outside of the immediate LA area can make special arrangements for us to appear without paying honorarium costs but helping to cover travel costs.

Please note that if you are a nonprofit or small organization that is interested in becoming an institutional member but cannot justify the standard cost, contact us and we can discuss options on a sliding scale based on your budget needs.

Program Sponsor | Various

One of the best types of memberships is Program Sponsor, where donors can directly choose a program or goal to support! This level receives an automatic yearly membership plus the additional benefits of either the Academic or Artist levels. Specific dollar amounts are assigned to various activities, and donors will receive full acknowledgment on all publicity and outreach for that program, DVD, etc.

... For $75, Sponsor one iotaWeekly! Your name will appear on the weekly as the sponsor for that week.
... For $150, Sponsor the addition of 10 artists to our history database! You will receive a screener of works by those artists and will be listed on the history database sponsors page.
... For $500, Sponsor one iotaSalon! Your name will appear on all publicity and you will be acknowledged at the event.
... For $1000, Sponsor the digitization of one hour of films! All uses of the digitized film will include your name as the sponsor.
... For between $1000 and $3000, Sponsor the preservation of a film! Your name will appear on all preservation publicity and you will be acknowledged (and receive free admission) at all public screenings which include that film.
... For $3000, Sponsor an iota intern for one school semester!
... For $5000, Sponsor the production costs of one DVD!
... For $25,000, Support the implementation of an online public access catalog (OPAC) of our holdings!
Light is the artist's sole medium of expression. He must mold it by optical means, almost as a sculptor models clay. He must add colour, and finally motion to his creation. Motion, the time dimension, demands that he must be a choreographer in space.
-Thomas Wilfred
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