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The iotaWeekly
June 7-13, 2010
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Clip of the Week
"Karatchi Scramble" (2008) by Chris Casady

Beautifully flowing between vivid lines, colors, and imagery, "Karatchi Scramble" (2008), by Punto y Raya Festival featured artist Chris Casady, provides us with an excellent example of creative work done using Flash. "Karatchi Scramble" was also featured in the January 2010 iotaSalon, TEXT AND SPEECH, at UCLA.

To learn more about Chris Casady and his work, please visit his iotaCenter Artist Profile.

Site of the Week

Visit, the go-to site for both aspiring and practicing VJs. Spread the word about your next gig or see what's happening in the VJ world in your neck of the woods. VJForums is a great community site for staying plugged in to the realm of this very special slice of live Audio/Visual performance.

Artist of the Week
Madeleine Gallagher

"Madeleine Gallagher (b.1977, Media, PA, USA) is a visual artist, educator and designer. Centered at the intersection of traditional object making, time-based media and performance, Madeleine uses her work as a means to investigate cultural filters and cognition in media perception. She thrives on the opportunity to make installations and objects that explore physical, visual and aural sensation, endurance and perceptual thresholds of the body. A large portion of her past work includes audio/visual performance, using live video image processing, drawn from prefabricated clips she created with analog video synthesizers. As an experimental film and video maker, she has created a series of abstract narratives that address issues of control, power, desire and the distortion of memory."

--Design Media Arts Department, UCLA

Gallagher was instrumental in bringing the most recent season of iotaSalons to UCLA's Broad Art Center. Gallagher holds degrees from Maryland Institute College of Art and will graduate this June with a MFA from UCLA's prestigious Design Media Arts Department.

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