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The iotaWeekly
December 6-12, 2010
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Clip of the Week
“Machi" (2010) by Morgan Fisher

Watch a clip from "Machi" by Morgan Fisher from the 2010 DVD compilation "The Light Painter." For the last twenty years, alongside his more publicized work in the field of music, Morgan Fisher has been developing and refining a technique he calls "Light Painting." While many have used this term, in Morgan's case this consists principally of abstract or absolute photography created by moving the camera during extended exposures in front of various types of light sources.

For more information about Morgan Fisher and his work visit his website.

Fisher's work will be featured this Friday, December 10, at The iotaCenter Salon: "Members Showcase" at Vidiots Annex in Santa Monica, CA.

Site of the Week
Vidiots Annex

Check out Vidiots Annex, Santa Monica's reknowned independent video rental store's latest endeavor to bring Film Studies to the people! Vidiots owners’, Patty Cohen and Cathy Tauber, say that the Annex is an organic development inspired by the many customers who love to come up to the counter and chat with the store’s knowledgeable staff about their latest discoveries. For its 25th anniversary, Vidiots will now offer the perfect place to continue those cinematic conversations.

Vidiots Annex is also the site of The iotaCenter's Members Showcase, an entire screening devoted to our members. Join us on December 10 at 8pm!

Persons of the Week
Kathy Geritz, Steve Seid, and Steve Anker

BAM/PFA Film Curator, Kathy Geritz, BAM/PFA Video Curator Steve Seid, Dean of the School of Film/Video at CalArts Steve Anker are responsible for the expansive and revolutionary Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945–2000 ! Taking a look at the history of Avant-Garde Film and Video in the Bay Area, Radical Light includes a thoroughly researched and illustrated book, an extensive film and video series presenting both famous and overlooked pieces, and a captivating gallery exhibition of archival ephemera and paper works at the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive.

The Radical Light Book, Film, and Video Tour will travel throughout the United States in 2011–2012. For more information about the tour click here!

For more information about the curators and their project, check out this featured interview.

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