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The iotaWeekly
May 23-29, 2011
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Clip of the Week
"Carrier" (2011) by Sharon Louden

Watch "Carrier" (2011) by Sharon Louden! "Carrier" is an animation that is about traveling through an abstract, gestural world into a natural world, and then back to the world of abstraction into infinity. By traveling through this world, Carrier attempts to challenge the viewer’s sense of proportion and implies the role of a messenger, a follower, or the viewer as the gesture itself.

"Carrier" was featured recently at the National Gallery of Art's screening "Ciné-Concert: Art in Motion!," a celebration of historical and contemporary abstract animation that included works from iotaCenter's collection.

For more information about Louden and her work, please visit her iotaCenter Member page and her website.

Site of the Week
MIT Media Lab

For the past 25 years, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab has created and funded work which incorporates science, media, and art in innovative and provocative new ways. The Media Lab regularly hosts a wide range of fascinating lectures and events, so keep an eye on their calendar of upcoming events if you're in the Boston area. There's always something there for the curious-minded.

Person of the Week
Lillian Schwartz

Among the highlights of last weekend's Orphan Film Symposium was a screening of rare work by computer animation pioneer Lillian Schwartz. The library at Ohio State University currently houses an impressive archive of her computer graphics and films, as well as her sculptures, sketches, and notebooks. Selections of her groundbreaking films are available for viewing on her website.

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