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iotaWeekly Nov. 7th - 13th
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Clip of the Week

apres le feu by Jacques Perconte

This is an excerpt from a brilliant bit of filmmaking. As all media makers know, compressing and re-compressing in the digital age can create some unexpected results. This piece takes that concept and pushes it to an extreme. The pixels slowly degenerate though out the video until what is left is a smear of painted pixels spilling out across the image. Eventually, the image collapses to the point of being completely impossible to percieve the original picture. This is merely an excerpt. So, make sure to keep an eye open for it at a nearby film festival.


Artist of the Week

Adam Hyman

Congratulations to Adam Hyman and everyone at the LA Filmforum. Not only has their Pacific Standard Time initiative project of Alternative Projections trumpeted off with brilliant success, but they recently had a dense write up in the New York Times commending them for their intense and historically ground breaking project. If you are in the area and have not checked out a show you must. The next one will be held on November 11th at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and it's absolutely free. We'll see you there.


Site of the Week

Film-makers Cooperative

Celibrating 50 glourous years of distributing great films around the globe we have the New York Filmmakers Cooperative. This year they will have their 5th Annual Art Auction and Benifit Concert. Mark your calanders of November 16th! You have no reason not to go and support the wonderful institution that we know and love. Many filmmakers will be auctioning artwork and singing praise of the great institution. We look forward to 50 more years!

Paul shepherd
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