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Kinetica Video Library™

To make works of Visual Music accessible to a wider audience, iota has been producing a series of video releases. First on VHS and now on DVD, The KINETICA Video Library™ is slowly building into a must-have collection for any aficionado of Visual Music.

Jules Engel: Selected Works, Volume I

The iotaCenter is proud to release this first in a series of selected works by pioneering artist and animator Jules Engel. Engel bestowed many influences on the world of art and animation – both commercial and independent – as a painter, as a sculptor, and as a teacher … but perhaps his most enduring legacy has been through his pioneering efforts in the field of abstract experimental animation.
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Stephanie Maxwell: Animated Works, 1984-2007

Stephanie Maxwell has been creating stunningly beautiful and original experimental animation for over twenty years. As a film artist who specializes in hand painting and engraving directly onto the surface of 35mm film stock, Maxwell employs a wide variety of materials and tools, including paints, markers, bleach, stencils, engraving tools, airbrush and many more experimental techniques.
Available at The iotaCenter Store

Robert Darroll: Digital Animations, 1990-2001

Between 1990 and 2001, Robert Darroll explored inter-cultural mythology through the use of digital technology in works that combined computer graphics, cel animation, and live action video into five multi-layered visual and auditory collages. These works are now being released on DVD for the first time.
Available at The iotaCenter Store

Bill Alves: Celestial Dance

Bill Alves creates unfrozen mandalas, intricate arabesques of sound and light. His videos are neither images accompanied by music or vice-versa but instead conceived and constructed as single artistic creations that use sonic and visual components the way earlier composers deployed various orchestral instruments.

Alves' background as a composer as well as a visual artist has enabled a precise counterpoint between images and these soundtracks composed for electronics, a string quartet, a Javanese gamelan orchestra, and a symphony orchestra. The coherence of these animations emerges not only from their creator’s singular artistic vision, but also from their shared inspiration.
Available at The iotaCenter Store
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