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Exhibition and Distribution

This program includes both public exhibitions as well as distribution through home video releases.

Public Exhibition

iotaCenter has been perhaps best known throughout its history for its touring Kinetica™ festivals, a series of touring screenings of abstract art in film and video that feature the grand masters of the art, including Fischinger, Lye, Smith, McLaren, John and James Whitney, Bute, Hirsh, Belson, and others. These historical surveys are always complemented with a program of contemporary works by today's most accomplished visual music artists. Read more about these festivals and download programs here.

In addition to the Kinetica™ tours, we have established partnerships with Northeastern University’s Visual Music Marathon as well as the group Mad Actions, who coordinate the Punto y Raya (Dot and Line) touring festival. iota has a dedicated slot in each Visual Music Marathon that we curate, and we also feature a touring West Coast version of the marathon that features selections from the show. The Punto y Raya festival showcases films of pure abstraction in its most basic form, with works that are"built up entirely from dots and lines as ends in themselves." iota assists festival founder and curator Noel Palazzo in coordinating the US tour dates for the festival.

Lastly, we also frequently work with small, local LA venues to exhibit smaller screenings with selections from the iota film and video collection. In 2009 we worked with Los Angeles Filmforum on a Stephanie Maxwell screening, the Silent Movie Theatre on the Punto y Raya tour, and the Echo Park Film Center on a screening of early computer animation works.


At our salons, we get together to screen and discuss works of Abstract Animation and Visual Music. Artists are invited to submit films and DVDs for screening at the salon, and we follow the screening of the films with an informal discussion of techniques and artistic process. The salons are held at the UCLA Design and Media arts department’s Experimental Digital Arts (EDA) location on the UCLA campus. More...

KINETICA Video Library™

As a complement to the Kinetica™ concept, in recent years iota shifted its focus from the touring shows towards making these works available through its series of video releases. The Kinetica Video Library (KVL™) is slowly building into a must-have collection for any aficionado of abstract film and video. As the series grows, we plan to release DVDs by artists such as Adam Beckett, Hy Hirsh, Paul Glabicki, Larry Cuba, Robert Darroll, Sky David. In future years, we will revive the touring shows and pace ourselves in order to allow the KVL™ series to work in tandem with the tour, offering releases that complement the tour’s current theme. More...
My films are more or less educational - I've never done much with them as far as illucidating what the subject matter is - but they are like the basic rhythms that are in music.
-Harry Smith

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iotaCenter is a non-profit organization that provides this information as a public service to film artists and the larger community. We have made sincere efforts to get permission from all rights holders. Please contact us at if you are a rights holder whom we have not yet been able to reach. For all other inquiries, please contact us at

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