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Kinetica 2

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The iotaCenter in association with
The Film Archive of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences™


KINETICA 2, the second of The iotaCenter's screening program, pays tribute to Oskar Fischinger (1900-1967) --- one of the most influential artists of the avant-garde film movement.

John Cage credited Fischinger with changing his whole perception of music and sound.

Orson Welles engaged him to produce ground breaking abstract animation for a feature-length history of jazz music.

Walt Disney took advantage of Oskar's talent during the creation of Fantasia, by hiring him and screening his personal films to inspire and challenge studio animators.

Beyond these celebrated examples of the past, Oskar's widespread impact continues today. His dazzling animated films have achieved the status of cult icons, influencing several generations of younger artists and providing anonymous models of visual music from Fantasia to MTV.

Join us for a special 3-part retrospective as we survey the work of this pioneering genius --- and some of the many artists he influenced --- in celebration of his 100th birthday.

The Masterworks

Part One features a presentation by noted film scholar and Fischinger biographer Dr. William Moritz, and includes 35mm prints of the films recently restored by the Academy Film Archive from the original nitrates:

Motion Painting No. 1 (1947)
Allegretto (1936 and 1943) - two versions plus Paragretto
American March (1941)
Liebesspiel (1931)
Radio Dynamics (1942), Kreise (1933)
and Study No. 11A (1934), No. 6 (1930), No. 2 (1930) and No. 1 (1927)

And also (all 35mm prints):
R-1 (1927), triple screen recreation
Study No. 9 (1931)
An Optical Poem (1937)

The Rarities

In Part Two, the Fischinger Retrospective continues with a number of his rarely seen films, examples of his commercial work, and a new documentary on his life and work featuring interviews with his wife Elfriede and biographer Dr. Moritz.
This program will include a single-frame film Fischinger made while walking from Munich to Berlin in 1927, and a selection of experiments from a machine he invented to animate slices through a block of multi-colored wax.

Films include Wax Eperiments, Spiritual Constructions, Study No. 7, Squares, Walking from Munich to Berlin, Study No. 8, Ornament Sound, Coriolan fragment (unfinished Study No. 13), Spirals, Swiss Trip (Rivers and Landscapes); Advertising Films: Coloratura, Kreise (Tolirag version), Muratti Privat, Borg (Fiesta) fragment, Muratti Gets in the Act, Muntz TV, Oklahomas Gas, Northern Tissue, Pink Guards on Parade; and Later Fragments: Organic Fragment, Mutoscope Reels, and Motion Painting No. 2 (fragments).

The Legacy

In Part Three, the legacy of this hugely influential artist is revealed through the work of the generations of filmmakers who were inspired by his films.

Artists represented in this survey include

John Whitney Hot house (1952)
Harry Smith Film No.5, Circular Tensions: Homage to Fischinger (c.1950)
Harry Smith Film No.7 (1951)
Hy Hirsh Come Closer (1952)
Len Lye Free Radicals (1958)
Jordan Belson Allures (1961)
James Whitney Lapis (1963-66)
Larry Cuba Two Space (1979)
Sara Petty Preludes in Magical Time (1986)
Norman McLaren Synchromy (1971)
Mary Ellen Bute Polkagraph (1952)
Jules Engel Shapes and Gestures (1976)
Paul Glabicki Five Improvisations (1979)
Robert Darroll Lung (1986)
Vibeke Sorensen NLoops (1988)
Michael Scroggins Study No. 6 (1983)
Bärbel Neubauer Algorithms (1994)
Josè Antonio Sistagia Impressions in the High Atmosphere (1989)


Museum of Modern Art, New York
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles
Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, CA
Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge, MA
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC
Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH
ANIMAC festival, Lleida, Spain
The Experience Music Project, Seattle, WA
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Univeristy of Chicago
Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, OH
INDAC Festival, Cologn, Germany
Royal FIlm Archive, Brussels
Swedish Film Institute's Cinemateket, Stockholm
Barcelona Centre of Contemporary Culture
Centre Pompidou, Paris
Filmoteca Espanola, Madrid
Nederlands Filmmuseum and Cinema de Balie, Amsterdam
Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia
Australian Centre for the Moving Image, East Melbourne
New Zealand Film Festival

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