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The Jules Engel Project

"I have concentrated, with particular emphasis, upon the development of a visually inspired, dynamic language, demonstrating that pure graphic choreography is capable of non-verbal truth."

Anyone who studied experimental animation at CalArts between 1969 and 2001 knows how important Jules Engel was as a teacher and mentor. Engel created the Experimental Animation program and directed it for over 30 years.

But in addition to his role as educator, Engel was recognized as one of the most important figures in abstract animation. He was honored by the Cardiff Animation Festival with the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Ottawa International Animation Festival with the prestigious Norman McLaren award. He earned many other honors and awards throughout a career which included Disney's Fantasia and co-founding of the UPA studio.
Jules' work as a film artist needs to be preserved and kept in distribution so it will continue to inspire current and future generations. Engel entrusted the iotaCenter with his film materials for permanent archiving, preservation and distribution. In addition, iota's "Jules Engel Project" supports scholarly research and publication, principally by Engel's biographer, Janeann Dill.

For more information on Jules Engel, see iota's Jules Engel Profile.

Available now! Jules Engel: Selected Works, Volume I
A collection of fourteen films of experimental animation spanning three and a half decades on DVD.

The iotaCenter actively continues the Jules Engel Project as we add more articles to the website, preserve more films, and digitize more artwork. Please join us in working to protect and sustain Engel's legacy. You can contribute to this effort with a donation to iota's Jules Engel Project. If you would like your donation to go towards a specific area of the project, please write us with details at and reference your donation.

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