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Bill Alves: Celestial Dance

"unfrozen mandalas, intricate arabesques of sound and light" -– Bill Alves

DVD (NTSC - Region Free)
Released - 2011

Price $25.00 -- Add To Cart

Institutional price: $100.00 -- Add To Cart

"...voices, gamelan, and computer-generated tones joined in a haunting, nocturnal reverie: unearthly, far beyond the reaches of harmonic or tuning systems." -- Alan Rich, LA Weekly

"pinging, quasi-gamelan tones and radiating linear patterns on screen with artful logic." -- LA Times

"...electronically refracted music of the spheres...with themes and rhythms of a decidedly American thrust." -- Pasadena Star-News

The iotaCenter is proud to release this disc representing some of the most brilliant achievements ever devised in computer based animation.

This fourth volume from the Kinetic Video Library includes five of Bill Alves' experiments in audio and visual orchestration. These are the most recent of his works and the most sophisticated to date. This is the first time all of these films have been made available for home video use. Purchase your copy today.

Watch a clip from aleph included in this disc

In this volume:

Static Cling (2000)

aleph (2002) Watch a clip

Celestial Dance (2005) Watch the video

Stellation (2008)

Breath of the Compassionate (2009)

For more information on Bill Alves, visit his website

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