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Adam K. Beckett: Complete Works 1970-1979

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Adam K. Beckett was an alchemist of the animated image. His brilliant, ground-breaking, films made in the 1970s still resonate today, seething with psychedelic imagery, abstraction, and playful eroticism, transcending the carnal to the cosmic. His optical virtuoso was a significant force in both animation and visual effects. He won numerous awards for his animations, contributed to the innovative work at the young Robert Abel and Associates, and was head of animation and rotoscoping on the inaugural Star Wars movie (1977).

Beckett’s work is a telling marker at the crossroads of technology. While the genesis of his imagery is hand-drawn animation and optical manipulation, an awareness of emerging computer graphics and video image-processing is evident. He studied at the newly-opened CalArts under the mentorship of Jules Engel, working with artists such as Nam June Paik, Pat O’Neill, and Kathy Rose.

In 1979, Beckett’s work was cut short by his tragic death at the young age of 29. This DVD is an extraordinary, comprehensive view into the life and work of Adam K. Beckett. It includes his newly-restored films, unreleased films, artwork, a rare glimpse of Beckett and his colleagues at Lucasfilm’s newly-formed ILM, and more.

This latest installment of iota's Kinetica Video Library not only celebrates the life and work of Adam K. Beckett, but also demonstrates the immense research accomplished by Pamela Turner, his official biographer and iotaCenter Board Member, and the stunning restorations performed by Mark Toscano and the Academy Film Archive. This is the first time these films have been made available on home video.

Please note:
Contains sexually explicit material.
Viewer discretion is advised.

In this Volume:

Dear Janice

Evolution of the Red Star



Flesh Flows Watch a clip

Sausage City  
Kitch in Synch  
Previously unreleased work including:
The Knotte Gross Experiments
Film Loops Watch a clip
Early Experiments
Life in the Atom (with new original score by Carl Stone) Watch a clip
Drawings by Adam Beckett
Every Other (in collaboration with Kathy Rose)
The Letter (in collaboration with James Gore)
Dream of the Sphinx (by James Gore)
Materials about Adam including...
Interview with Jules Engel
Home Movies of Adam by David Berry
Rare Photographs

For more information on Adam Beckett, visit our Beckett Project page.

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