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Jules Engel: Selected Works, Volume I

"My work is abstract, but it contains an organic element that brings people close to their inner feelings. It doesn’t 'explain;' within feeling, one can discover answers." -– Jules Engel

DVD (NTSC - Region Free)
Released - 2009

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"Jules Engel's films, uniquely among the leading exponents of abstract animation, exhibit a thoroughly Post-Modern sensibility: witty, eclectic, versatile, literate but accessible, classical but popular."

--Dr. William Moritz

"Choreography married to a painterly aesthetic is evident in Engel’s films as well as in his paintings ... [he] integrates movement as a visual language into his art and into his films."

–-Janeann Dill, Ph.D, MFA Engel’s biographer

"What I found so wonderfully compelling about his work was how it captured the best of what choreography can accomplish … [the] use of repetition and the subtle variations that naturally arise, embodies choreography at its most successful."

-- Janice Margolis, dancer and choreographer

The iotaCenter is proud to release this first in a series of selected works by pioneering artist and animator Jules Engel.

This first volume of Engel’s selected animation work offers fifteen of his films ranging from one of his earliest experimental works (Carnival, 1963) to one of his last (The Toy Shop, 1998). Arranged chronologically, the collection offers one view of the artist’s progression over almost four decades. Also included is an excerpt from Jules Engel: An Artist For All Seasons, a documentary from Janeann Dill, Ph.D, containing rare footage of his artwork and interviews.

Watch the trailer for Jules Engel: Selected Works, Volume I

In this volume:

Carnival (1963) Watch a clip

Centipede (1967)

Silence (1968) Watch a clip

Train Landscape (1974) Watch a clip

Rumble (1975)

Swan (1975) Watch a clip

Shapes & Gestures (1976)

Wet Paint (1977)

Hor d'oeuvres (1978)

Interior (1985)

Gallery 3 (1987)

Villa Rospigliosi (1988) Watch a clip

The Meadow (1994)

Aviary (1996)

The Toy Shop (1998) Watch a clip


An excerpt from Jules Engel: An Artist for All Seasons (2010)
by Janeann Dill, PhD., MFA Watch a clip

For more information on Jules Engel, see The iotaCenter's Jules Engel Profile

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