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Absolut Panushka

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The links below lead to the visual-music-related articles from Absolut Panushka, a web site that promoted the history and practice of experimental animation.

The site, which was launched in January of 1997, was honored with the first prize for animation on the internet by both the World Animation Celebration in Los Angeles and the Holland International Animation Festival in Utrecht, Holland.

Directed by experimental animator Christine Panushka, the site contained three main areas: A History of Experimental Animation, A Festival of Animation consisting of short clips specially-commissioned from various animators around the world, and an Animation Tool with which visitors of the site were able to experiment with their own animation via a Java applet.

William Moritz authored the History section: fifty short articles arranged in chronological order and accessed via links from a spiral timeline (above).

Although Absolut Panushka is no longer available in its original form, iota is republishing a selection of these texts here as part of our ever-growing knowledge-base on Visual Music.

Absolute Animation
Young Oskar
Visual Music
Seeing Sound
Oskar Goes To Hollywood
Whitney Brothers
Light Shows
Dirty Laundry
Come Closer
Beat Zen
A Meditation
Vortex Concerts
The Alchemist
Altered States
A White Wait
Digital Daddy
In the Abstract
The Graduates
New York Nexus
Morph Man
Music Television
German Gumbo
A Visual Process
Trial and Error
Animation 101
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